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Malachite Recovery Centre

Day Programme

Boredom is a big enemy for addicts and alcoholics who don't have a job, or waiting to go back to work, or back to their studies. Don't sit at home come join our Day Programme.

Our fee is R 5,000.00 per month if you are not a resident at Malachite House, and R 2,500.00 per month if you are a resident at Malachite House. 

The programme is Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 (There might be some days where it runs over time)

The objective is to encourage the person to get up, get dressed and leave their house.

Arrive at Malachite House between 08:30 and 09:00 and start the day with a JFT Reading.


Clients do not have to leave at 12:00, with prior arrangement they are welcome to work on our computers. We have two desktop computers on WiFi and clients can look for a job, do assignments, or work on their CV. Alternatively they can just stay longer to soak in the therapeutic environment we offer whilst working on their stepwork.

Family and loved ones are welcome to request a drug test. This is at an extra fee of R 120.00 per test.


We are flexible and if you can only make certain days of the week contact us so that we can discuss that.

Other Services:

~  Individual counselling sessions

~  Aftercare therapy (process) groups in the evening

~  Relapse Prevention groups in the evening

~  Support Groups, and individual counselling sessions, for Family and loved ones

~  Education and Information for families and loved ones

~  Drug Tests



We place a lot of emphasis on assisting and supporting the families and loved ones of Addicts and alcoholics


It is normally the families and loved ones that suffer the most and they often blame themselves unjustly


We offer not only support in the form of Group Discussions but also education so that you can have more clarity around the subject of addiction and alcoholism


We will give you the same Information that we give addicts and alcoholics on Relapse Prevention, Triggers, the Disease Concept etc …


We will also explain the 12 Steps and even let you work the steps if you so choose


If you are a Family Member or a loved one contact me now by clicking here.