Good Day!

I am Inge, a grateful recovering addict and… I lost many years in active addiction from alcohol, marijuana and other street drugs.

The best decision I ever made was to allow God in my life. The second best decision was to agree to go to South Coast Recovery Centre for long term primary treatment. 7 Months later I left the safe environment and protection of a rehab. I needed a “home from home” to help me cope with the overwhelming change in my life.

Malachite House and Marius Swart were recommended to me. Recovery is hard and by having the support and structure of Malachite House I could further concentrate on my healing.


Marius is an experienced counsellor who listens, understands, guides and gives perspective in this confusing world. I could practice my new recovery skills in a safe and supportive environment.


The other Recovering Addicts I met in Malachite House became my “family” and the group meetings, chats and fun showed me there is quality in sobriety.


I would recommend Malachite House to any addict who is looking for a supportive, warm home, organised living environment.


Thank you Marius and Sara for all the care and true interest in my recovery.


Inge (30/09/2019)

Hello, my name is Abigail Coetzer and I’m a grateful recovering addict.


I was in active addiction for a few years of my life and had I not made the choice to get into the program I would not by standing here today. I am 21 years old and made this decision to live a life of recovery a few months after my 20th birthday.


I was in treatment for a year to date and had the best time of my life. After coming out of treatment I moved into Malachite House on 08 May 2019, where I learnt a lot more about myself and living in a community. Malachite is a beautiful place filled with amazing people and lots of love.

Being at Malachite I learnt how to adapt back into the real world but still have a safe place to come home to which Malachite truly was. I enjoyed Malachite and the people I met through Malachite I truly made friendships that will last forever.


Marius and Sara are awesome people who make you always feel welcome. They are well respected people who love and care for the addicts that are willing to get help. Malachite is like a family that will always be a big part of my life and will never fade away. I will highly recommend Malachite to anyone looking for a Halfway House. 


Thank you to Marius and Sara for all their love and support in my journey at Malachite house and through the journey of my recovering going forward it means a lot to me and to learn from you both has been an honour. 


Lots of Love 


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I made the decision in primary treatment, with Marius Swart, that Halfway house living was necessary for me to recover and meet likeminded people.


I lost my twenties to drugs and alcohol and on the 27th March 2017, I decided I couldn’t live this life anymore! I had the job, degrees and lifestyle, but this all coincided with my addiction. I stagnated for 10 years and blamed the whole world for not helping me reach my dreams.


I am now nearly 10 months clean, I have a new job that I love and is at management level, I have amazing friends and relationships that are not focused around a party or what we could get from each other and I have been taught to live with my Higher Power, through Love not Fear.


Malachite and my peers taught me that most things are out of my control, and that by trying to control other people’s perception of me, I was fighting a loosing battle.


Malachite taught me what my character defects are, I am self seeking, overly emotional, manipulative and stubborn. By learning this about myself, today I handle situations and circumstances very differently, as I know I can only be prepared, not control the outcome.


Malachite taught me that it is ok not to be ok, and that through my program I have built relationships with people who listen to me because they care, and help me through love, without an ulterior motive.


Malachite taught me structure, how to adult! How to get up in the morning and make my bed? Sounds small, but if I do the small things right, the big things are easy…. Marius taught me this!


Finally, Malachite taught me a new way to live! I battle each day, just for today, but these days have added up and the life I live now is beyond my wildest dreams.


Marius and Ady have been pivotal in my recovery, and without their structure, understanding and love I would not be where I am today. I am forever grateful to Malachite and the people in it, because just for today, I can honestly say, I am the happiest I have ever been.


I would recommend Malachite to anyone struggling to live a normal life and feel emotions as others do, Malachite saved my life, and many others!















My name is Glenn and I am an addict.


I abused drugs and alcohol for the good part of 21 years. In the final 3 years of active addiction I was a selfish, self-centred and broken soul with no direction. My daily schedule revolved around when I could get my next fix. My addiction progressed to the point where I lied and manipulated to get through each day, and then swore to myself that tomorrow would be different and I’d stop using. The next day would be the same as the previous and this vicious cycle continued day in, day out. I was unable, or rather unwilling to manage my own existence. I was checked into rehab twice during 2012 and 2013.


In April 2015, all the lies, manipulation and shady behaviour came to a head. I was arrested for theft as this became the way of supporting my addiction to drugs. A professional reputation I had taken my entire adult life to build was taken away in the blink of an eye. 


I met Marius Swart in July 2015, shortly after my sobriety date of 7th July 2015. I realised I was unable to manage what had become of my life and I could no longer rely on my own self-will to survive – I needed help and I needed it desperately. Marius pulled no punches and he told me NOT what I wanted to hear, but rather what I needed to hear – I loved drugs more than anything else and that I was a selfish drug addict that needed to make a choice – continue using drugs and die, or accept that I was powerless to my addiction and that I needed to hand over my will to a power greater than myself to restore me to sanity. This was the catalyst to the start of my recovery. I agreed to “take the cotton wool out of my ears and put it in my mouth” (keep quiet and listen) and attended the Malachite House day program for a month until my court case was complete. I was court ordered to a rehab facility and then returned to live at Malachite House for three months until the end of 2015.


Malachite House helped integrate me back into society after rehab, whilst teaching me that the only way to manage my disease of addiction is to;


  • Work a daily program of recovery (12-step program)

  • Ask for help (don’t rely on self-will)

  • Understand that I have a disease that cannot be cured, but can be managed

  • Live by the mantra of  “what you put in is what you get out”


Malachite House is located in the convenient and peaceful suburb of Bryanston and is not merely somewhere to “check-in” after rehab. The rules of the house support a healthy program of recovery and all clients are expected to take responsibility for their early recovery. This includes attending AA / NA meetings, doing step-work and most importantly being held accountable.


I lived in denial for a very long time about the fact that I was a drug addict, but Marius and the staff at Malachite House helped me get my life back on track and realise that living a life of sobriety is not all doom and gloom, but the only option for a person living with the disease of addiction.



Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a life threatening disease. One would, therefore, seek out the ‘best’ help available for a loved one, a family member, friend or colleague.


I would recommend Marius Swart before any other counsellor operating in this field. He not only understands and fully comprehends the 12 Step programme and it’s benefits, but lives according to the programme, down to the finest detail. He has a manner of imparting the benefits of working the programme and living clean and sober, that is unparalleled in it’s accessibility and tangibility.


Marius Swart isn't an example of someone managing to stay clean and sober, but rather of someone thriving and growing in every way as a result of comprehending and teaching the 12 Step programme. Some people are good at being counsellors and may impact and teach as a result. Others are gifted counsellors, whose work and understanding addiction changes and saves lives.  Addictions counsellor, Marius Swart, is the latter, and he does this every single day through his lectures and private sessions.


My name is Craig Urbani. I work in the entertainment industry. I am clean and sober because of Marius Swart.

Something happened in my life, don't know exactly when, what day, what time but, all I do know is I was changing. Then a miracle happened, one Sunday while my Son and his husband were visiting England I was invited to my Daughter's for Sunday lunch. After lunch my Son and my Daughter said to me how worried they were about me and my Son was taking me back to South Africa on Tuesday 4th March 2014. 

When landing at Joburg Airport, very frightened and trying not to show how terrified I was, I had a quick shower, cup of tea and was taken into Rehab. When being welcomed was asked to sing and dance a song of my choice. After thinking quickly of what to sing, and worrying I might drive other inmates to relapse at the sound of my voice, let alone my dancing, I decided to sing "Always look on the bright side of life" Within 30 seconds everyone joined in and I felt at ease straight away.

When meeting Marius for the first time, NO - Hang on a minute - Heard Marius for the first time, I thought jeez this man is larger than life!!! Then after a little time I realised this man spoke from the heart, such a kind way of expressing life stories and experiences giving us all hope, and the will to find ourselves (myself) again. 

To be that Plaistow kid much older and still crackers but mostly so pleased to have been loved so much by my children to be given this chance. I know that without certain people I would never have made it through. I have Marvelous Marius Swart, the man who taught me that HOPE stands for Hang On Pain Ends. 
My thanks to him and other members where I was, who without them and the love of my kids I certainly wouldn't be writing this.
Good Luck and every success in this wonderful beginning. 

Love and Regards Sue xxx (Plaistow old girl) still cracking on 

My name is Dennis and I am an addict.


I am a male of 28 years of age, residing in the North West province. I abused alcohol for around 15 years, abused drugs for close to 3 years. I used many drugs that I choose not to mention by name. Over the years, the use of booze and drugs gave me many consequences; physically, socially, work problems, financially, spiritually and in many other ways. Life was unbearable, but not enough for me to stop using drugs and alcohol.


I was putting my family and loved ones through hell in many terrible ways; I was a lie, a cheat and a thief. They depended on me, I depended on drugs. Nothing was more important to me than my next hit or my next drink. My life was in plain words a complete mess. Around November 2013, I hit rock bottom, everything in my life was coming apart, I was tearing it down, I realised that I had a problem and needed help. I turned to an old good friend, who In turn alerted my mum and my family. My family acted quickly, relieved that I realised I needed help. They found a treatment centre for me in Randburg Johannesburg.


On the 25th of November 2013, I checked into rehab and met Marius S for the very first time.

He would be my counsellor for the next  two and half months. Two and half months that would change my life for the better.


Marius was and is awesome as an addictions counsellor!  Whether in group sessions or in one on one session. He could take me to the dark places that my addiction took me to and helped me realise how my addiction affected my life, how I also affected my life even without the use of drugs. He could also take me to the positive things and qualities I have and the possible bright future I could have. Marius helped me grow up. I put on my big boy underpants and started to take responsibility for my life, largely through him.

He gave me tools and techniques for relapse prevention that I still use till today, that help me stay clean. Marius lives the 12 steps of recovery every single day of his life, from when he awakes until he puts his head down in the evening.

In those 2 and half months, Marius would go on to be more than my counsellor, he became an inspiration to me. He had the authority of a high school principal, would make jokes and play pranks like a good friend, could comfort me like brother and provide guidance like a father. 


Today March 2015, I am more than 15 months clean!


I play a significant role in my community, as an employee, a colleague, son, brother, friend, father and in so many other ways. My life is slowly coming together and moving in a positive direction. Till this day, so many of his words still ring in my ears when I am faced with difficult situations and help me overcome them. Marius will always be more than just a counsellor to me; I will forever be indebted to him.


I lost my own father in 2009, I feel like God took my dad, but left me Marius. 

I love Marius, just like me and every other human being, he is not perfect but I would have him in my life any day.

To truly sum up what Marius means to me and the effect he’s had on my life; my son was born in June 2014, when I was 5 months clean he was a 5 minutes away from being named Marius!


I will forever be thankful to Marius and wish him well in all his future endeavors.

I entered treatment on the 30th of August 2013 as a broken soul. 


I was far from your typical “case” taken on by the treatment center that I attended for Drugs and Alcohol, although amongst my problems they were far from my “primary addiction”. 

My real problem was my inability to live life on life’s terms, this translated into compulsive behaviors including the use of drugs, hyper sexuality, an eating disorder but above all my inability to be honest. In essence I was a liar that could not be trusted. 


Looking back I was convinced that I wanted help and that I needed help but I was skeptical if I was able to receive it. I was convinced that it would be impossible for me to live life in integrity. 

My family had just about given up on me, the community that I belonged to shunned me, my wife could not look at me and I was consumed by an extraordinary amount of shame and guilt.


On my third day in the recovery center I met with my counsellor for the first time, Marius, and after our first hour session, I knew in my heart that I was going to be ok. 

Marius is a unique human being, I have never met a person that is able to pin point “issues” as well as he is, I have never met a person that is able to target the rot and assist with healing, I am confident this is all made possible due to the exceeding levels of love that he shows to those in his care. 

Under his watch, I was able to begin to rebuild my life, I was able to be honest with him and in turn be honest with the world. 


I was privileged that not only did Marius take me for private one on one sessions but also lectured our groups. It was in these surroundings that we were exposed to his implausible adoration for the NA/AA 12 step program. It is very difficult, when exposed to such a person, to not want to change for the better and to be inspired for growth. His humor is unparalleled and so necessary for the dark and difficult path of a recovering addict. 

He met with my family, and in his special way he was able to inspire them also, this is such an important part of recovery, is ones family are on board it makes the path much more palatable, Marius made sure of this. 

18 Months later I am proud to say that I am clean and serene, I am happily married, I am a great father and I am a high functioning employee of a listed company but above all I give back to my NA/AA community.


I know that I put in the work, I made the commitments to integrity and I made the changes in my life, but I also know that I would be nowhere and I would have achieved nothing if not for the remarkable guidance and love that I received from Marius.


E. U

08 August 2014 


To whom it may concern


This letter serves to confirm that Marius Swart, worked at Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres as a trainee counsellor/counsellor from April 2012 until September 2014.
Marius was consistently diligent, dedicated, committed and hard working. He was an asset to the clinical team and our patients. His duties included; assessment and orientation of new patients, running group therapy, presenting lectures, individual counselling, liaising with families, monitoring written work and patients behaviour, keeping up to date records and on-going case management.


Marius’ lectures were always thoroughly researched, professionally presented and extremely well received. His relationships with patients were exemplary and Marius was always willing to go the extra mile, come in early or stay late. He worked well with all other members our team. Marius has tremendous insight into the process of addiction and recovery and demonstrates great empathy for the struggles of others. He is assertive and compassionate and I am sorry to see him leave.


Marius resigned for personal reasons.

I have absolutely no hesitation for recommending him for any similar position.


Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Many Thanks,
Yours sincerely,
Alex Hamlyn

12th March, 2015


Marius Swart was our son’s main counselor during most of 2013 while our son was in an addiction rehabilitation centre for alcohol and substance abuse, and continued to counsel him further during 2014.
Marius played a critical role in our son’s recovery, at all times giving careful thought and attention to his particular circumstances and personality, and was completely professional in his approach.  Marius also was always available and communicated with us regularly to give us feedback and advice if it was necessary or asked for.


We can highly recommend Marius as a counselor, and believe his experience and knowledge in the field of addiction and recovery to be of a very high standard.

C & K.

Marius got clean on his first time around in Rehab and this encouraged me to do the same. He has been a fundamental guide for me over the 22 months that I have been in recovery. 


Marius is someone that listens. His understanding and perspective helped me get to the root of the problems that I faced. 


He taught me how to be disciplined and operate with structure. This ultimately gave me some stability, which I am grateful for. 


Thank you Marius. (T.L.)