Rates and What we offer

Early Recovery can be a challenging time for many addicts and alcoholics. Often their entire lives had revolved around the getting and the using of drugs or alcohol. Faced with recovery and almost re-starting their lives from scratch, some find it hard to face life on life’s terms. On a daily basis they are faced with memories, triggers and feelings that are difficult to handle. Boredom and having nothing to do is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks Addicts and Alcoholics face. It is also a fact that Addicts and Alcoholics that leave treatment struggle to continue with their step work (12 Steps), or follow the suggestion that the programme has to offer, without proper assistance and guidance.


At Malachite House we offer Addicts and Alcoholics a safe place for each day of their journey in recovery, the tools to re-integrate into society, and the opportunity to share their experiences with other addicts in recovery. Our aim is to give the addicts and alcoholics a safe haven, and to give their families and loved ones peace of mind. Our aim is to assist with the "Basics" of Life.

The suggestion is to spend a minimum of 3 months in a Halfway House, however we are aware that some people might not be able to commit themselves for that period of time, and therefor we do accept people for one month. We unfortunately cannot accept anyone for less than a month.


                                                        We charge R 9,400.00 per month

This includes:


* a Safe, tranquil environment

* WiFi

* Peace of mind for the family and/or loved ones

* Dinner Sunday to Thursday

* Cereal for breakfast

* Tea and Coffee

* Laundry

* 2 x Random drug tests per month

(You are welcome to ask us to test more often, the fee for that will be R 120.00 per test)

* We have rules, including curfews, in place to assist with structure

* Assistance with Step work (12 Steps) and any other aspects of the Recovery Programme

* a Process group each week

Optional Extras:

* One on One counselling sessions with Marius @ R 550.00 per 50 - 60 minute session

* Family sessions @ R 550.00 per 50 - 60 minute sessions

* We offer a Day Programme